Pilates Mat

Level 1 or Level 2 

A Pilates mat class is an all-round conditioning activity that unites the fundamental principles of the method: Centering, Control, Breathing, Co-Ordination, Precision, Isolation, Flowing Movement and Relaxation.

The class is based upon the classical repertoire and fundamental principles of Joseph Pilates evolved and developed to support bodies of today.  The class will include exercises to support posture by developing better stability – strengthening the core (the Transverse Abdominal, Multifidus, Pelvic Floor and Serratus muscles); encouraging a strong, healthy functioning spine and good integration of the pelvis and shoulder girdle; and the balance of both strength and flexibility.

Pilates Edge

Level 2-3

Led by Louise Collinson

All the Pilates floorwork repertoire and fundamental principles with the added challenge of a range of Pilates small equipment. From the Pilates Arc (perfect for releasing tight backs and shoulders) to the Orbit Roller Board (destabilise the body for greater control and core strength), and the Foam Roller (release those tight and tired muscles); the Edge classes are fun, with plenty of variation, a perfect way to challenge your practice.

Great for sports enthusiasts and participants wanting to step up their programme.

Stretch and Relax

Level 1

Led by Louise Patterson

An entry level class with the emphasis on releasing the body of tension and using a series of stretches and breathing techniques to assist relaxation. All the fundamentals of a Pilates class with a range of different exercises designed to open-up tight areas, strengthen and encourage relaxation. A good class for working on postural issues and returning post-injury.

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