Suspend your disbelief –
Welcome to the ropes

We are proud to bring to Derby Balanced Body’s Bodhi Suspension System – a whole new way to exercise.

Part Pilates core control, part aerial Yoga, part functional strength; this fabulous new style of workout is completely unique to us in this region. Both our Bodhi teachers have trained with Balanced Body to bring you the expertise and repertoire for a great, challenging class.

This exciting system includes two independent ropes which, when suspended from the stable beams (wow!), create four suspension points. These points allow for endless opportunities to suspend the body, adding challenge or support. In addition, each point adds strength, flexibility, balance and proprioceptive challenges, creating new demands for the whole body. The ropes enable clients to access a new range of exercises to challenge both strength, flexibility and dynamic movement range. No other single suspension system can do this in the same way.

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Join the fun:

Bodhi Ropes Yoga Flow Level 2
led by Abbie Berry-Hopkins
All the ingredients of the Bodhi Ropes repertoire but based on a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. Extend your range, develop your understanding and use the ropes to find the right muscles to inform your yoga practise. You’ll also get plenty of support and confidence for that suspension work too!

Bodhi Suspension Ropes Level 2
led by Louise Collinson
Based on a Pilates workout but with further functional strength challenges, this class will help you develop better mobility, flexibility and core control for an all-round body workout. Challenge your movement range, balance and use the ropes to release some of those tight spots.

Please note that these classes are graded as Level 2 because of their technical challenge. Don’t worry if you’ve not tried the ropes before; Level 2 assumes you are not rehabilitating an injury and/or are in pain. All we ask is that you have some physical experience and a good understanding of your needs. Please discuss your requirements with your teacher before you start.

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Bodhi Suspension Ropes Class

Bodhi Suspension Ropes in action