Inspired by Ballet, combined with Pilates and fitness techniques, these classes are designed to build strength, stamina, balance and rhythm.

The Ballet Barre class combines a series of standing and floor-based exercises, often utilising small equipment, to develop the strength and flexibility required for the Ballet technique. Clients then move to the Barre for more traditional exercises and enchainments (chains of movement), then briefly to the centre to practice those skills. If you have always wanted to try Ballet or it’s a long time since you bouréed across the floor, this class is a perfect start.

The Ballet Fit class utilises the Ballet Barres and Ballet inspired exercises throughout the class to support balance, assist flexibility and to add challenge to the workout. A faster-paced class, Ballet Fit is designed to challenge stamina and build strength alongside learning some Ballet technique and inspired choreography.

Ballet Barre 

Led by Louise Collinson (Body In Mind Pilates)

Ballet Fit 

Led by Jackie Nicholas (Dynamic Motif)

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